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  • Scanned passport or student identity card
  • Online payment
  • Signed enrollment form

Junior Category : Year 7 - 8 – 9 (13 – 15 years old)
Senior Category : Year 10 - 11 – 12 (16 – 18 years old)
Supporting Category : Best Idea
Best Innovation
Best Invention
Best Impact

The delegates are not limited from Southeast Asia but also from all around the world who have big concern about environment.

The criteria below are our evaluation plan handed by our juror. Each team must meet these four competencies to win the competition;

  1. Prepared materials: This includes delegates’ topic choices about the most crucial and severe problems of the city of origin.
  2. Basic elaboration: This includes delegates’ way of reasoning on presenting their ideas on chosen environmental problem, analyzing the problems, and demonstrating their invention.
  3. Invention: This includes delegates’ invention on solving the environment problems.
  4. Impacts: We will see how the delegates could propose the significance and impact in the long run for their environment. We also see the applicability of the impacts which are not only viable for one city but can also be applied in other cities.

I4YIC is provided at four levels of competitions: school, state, national, and international. Students are challenged from the level of school to the international level.

Yes, a school can send more than one participants. One that should be noted is that the registration fee is counted for each team. Thus, if one school sends three teams for instance the registration fee is multiple three.

Project is sent via e-mail:

Note: every document MUST be attached in one email

What is elaborated in the essay must answer these following questions;

#What: what is your idea for a greener city? What is the environmental problem of your city?

#Why: why do you think it is a problem? Why is it important?

#Where: where can your idea be implemented beside your hometown?

#How: How do you plan to apply your idea?

# Is it already in the market?

>300 words, Times New Roman, Font 12, and 1.5 space

No, because 300 words is the standard of our scientific research proposal with Junior and High School level standards.

No, because 300 words is the standard of our scientific research proposal with Junior and High School level standards.

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